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General Conditions of Sales

The orders addressed by our customers bind our company only when they were confirmed by a written document (mall, mail or fax) accompanied by an installment or payment.


The delivery periods mentioned are an approximation. If the delivery is late, the purchaser does not have the right to cancel the sale, to refuse the goods or to claim damages.


Prices are given only as an indication. Invoice is always made according to the prices at the day of the delivery. Generally our invoices are paid in cash, without discount nor reduction. If the payment is late, an interest is calculated every month (legal interest + 3%). With regard to the interest, any started calendar month is due entirely. If the customers are late in their payment or do not pay, we can suspend or cancel the orders, without damage or without any other recourse. If the customer does not pay an expiry, the total amount of the command must be paid.

Reserved property

We reserve ourselves the property of the goods delivered until the complete payment of the price. In this respect, titles creating an obligation to pay does not constitute payments. The purchaser cannot sell the goods or transfer the property of the goods (article 1915 and 1930 of the French civil code). In the event of any exterior intervention to take possession of the goods, the purchaser has to warn us immediately.

Court of jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute relating to the fulfilment of the sale contract or to the payment of the price, like in the event of a litigation relating to the interpretation or the execution of the contract or of the clauses and conditions indicated above, the court of jurisdiction where is located the headquarter of the company MAC MAHON PHOTO VIDEO is qualified. Every command automatically implies the adhesion of the purchaser to our General Conditions of Sale.

Shipment and transport

During the shipping, the damages, loss or deterioration of parcels are at the charge of the seller (MAC MAHON PHOTO VIDEO) only if the recipient has mentioned it to the conveyor or if he has refused the parcel.

Shipping costs

  France except Corsica Corsica
0 € to 499 € 22 € 37 €
499 € to 999 € 29€ 44 €
1000 € to 1499 € 36 € 51 €
1500 € to 1999 € 43 € 58 €
2000 € to 2499 € 50 € 65 €
2500 € to 2999 € 57 € 72 €
3000 € to 3499 € 64 € 79 €
3500 € to 3999 € 71 € 86 €
4000 € to 4499 € 78 € 93 €
4500 € to 4999 € 86 € 101 €
  That is to say 15€ + 7 €
for every 500 € purchased
That is to say 30€ + 7 €
for every 500 € purchased
1 € to 1500 € 20 € 20 €
This forwarding mode is primarily reserved for the after-sales service and, occasionally, for new material.
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